Revenue Performance

At Voiant, we focus on improving sales and revenue performance with a unique perspective through our Sales Data Desk.™

The Sales Data Desk

At Voiant, we focus on improving sales performance management with a unique perspective on the Sales Data Desk.™

Design Your Winning Go-to-Market Strategy Using the Voiant Sales Data Desk

The Voiant Sales Data Desk is a game-changing approach that elevates your business beyond traditional sales operations and delivers value faster than you thought possible.


With the Sales Data Desk™ better data yields connected revenue planning, operations, and insights. 

Unlock Your Full Revenue Potential

At the heart of advanced revenue operations lies the pursuit of hitting your revenue target, and utilizing resources properly. It’s about transforming your sales, marketing, and customer success teams into a well-oiled, revenue-generating machine by fostering greater collaboration and efficiency.

While every journey toward  advanced Revenue Operations is unique, we’ve pinpointed four main challenges  that will impede your progress toward becoming a highly efficient revenue-focused organization. The Voiant team begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your entire quote to cash process, allowing us to chart a customized path for your team to swiftly attain tangible and impactful results.

Revenue Operations Challenges We Help Solve

Disorganized Data Ecosystem

Any data-driven solution you create is only going to be as good as the data you use to create it. Gaining insight into your current position on your data journey marks the initial step toward comprehending what lies ahead in your sales planning process.

  • Consolidate data from CRM, BI, HR, Data Warehouses, and POS systems.
  • Centralize relevant data.
  • Fully define your data dictionary.

Stagnate Go-to-Market Processes

Adjusting your critical sales processes and getting information quickly is more important than ever.  A modern Revenue Operations organization should have visibility into the entire sales process of their representatives, from the CRM stage to reallocating goals.

  • Confirm equitable and fair quotas and territories are set up. 
  • Create accurate sales forecasting.
  • Ensure your processes are set up for continuous improvement, not just quarterly or annual improvements. 
Agile Process
Scenario Planning

Inability to Scenario Plan

Being equipped with the correct information and the capacity to strategize for various scenarios  distinguishes an empowered RevOps organization. The pivotal factor lies in having the appropriate technology coupled with the right information.

  • Consolidate the technologies your reps use to get all the information they need.
  • Define the sales metrics that are most important.
  • Provide a consensus on how you should track your critical metrics.

Manual Processes Slowing Down Reps

Sales reps must have the freedom to focus on actual selling motions. The greatest area of improvement lies in the simplification of manual tasks. Employing technology to streamline processes has the potential to save you not just days, but even weeks or months.

  • Reduce the time  your reps spend on non-selling activities.
  • Reduce the time it take to set sellers quotas.
  • Ensure your sales team is satisfied with the amount of manual effort required to do their jobs.

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